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online gallery

In the near future we are going to open a net gallery, where u can watch and buy paintings made by HcF. We will come back with more information.

Some more

vision 2 This painting is also a part og the Norwegian autum series.


In a couple of weeks i am going to Liverpool for inspiration. A city full of old cool houses and buildings. A lot of galleries and museums. They also have great beer and fotball, can u be asking for more.

Made in Norway

If you will like to check out great Norwegian art and music, just check out the video of Røyksopp called “sparks”. I just love this video. With beautiful pictures and great takes from the camera. And what a song. http://www.royksopp.com/videos/sparks
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The size is 90×90 cm

This painting is one of a series of paintings inspired by Norwegian autum

Is it art?

Before posting  pics  of the paintings, i will throw out a question! Is abstract art a way of art or is it just colors mended on a piece of paper? If u got a opinion have youre say.