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We have now open the web shop and art gallery. Last week we celebrated 40000 visitors, and had a give away. The give away gift was two paintings from WWW.BOLIGGLEDE.NO You can also read about it on the Boligglede blog. WWW.BOLIGGLEDE.BLOGSPOT.COM. We are now selling many paintings to housedressing companies and for privat homes. Its rather populare to get one unique painting specialy designed for your home. It is posible to use google translater on the blog. Malerier= paintings


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Some more

vision 2 This painting is also a part og the Norwegian autum series.

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Made in Norway

If you will like to check out great Norwegian art and music, just check out the video of Røyksopp called “sparks”. I just love this video. With beautiful pictures and great takes from the camera. And what a song. http://www.royksopp.com/videos/sparks
Leave a comment if u like it or not

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The size is 90×90 cm

This painting is one of a series of paintings inspired by Norwegian autum

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This is a blog about Norwegian and Scandinaivian art and design. It is also a showroom for the Norwegian artist HCF. She is an artist from the outskirts of Oslo. Her style is abstrackt, with elements of Norwegian nature. Norwegian wood, and fjords are among the inspiration.  The paintings can be seen on the Norwegian blog WWW.boligglede.blogspot.com. Its possible to translate the text. You will find the paintings under the Norwegian word “malerier”


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